May 24, 2024


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Apple iMessages on iPhone stock photo 1

iMessage on Android could be a thing with Sunbird

Apple iMessages on iPhone stock photo 1

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • A new app known as Sunbird is performing to carry iMessage to Android.
  • In a demonstration, the organization showed off how the app will work.
  • We could not get the application to fully function ourselves, but various elements of the set up did function.

For a long time now, the greatest differentiator amongst Iphone people and Android end users has been iMessage (very well, here in the US in any case). With Iphone customers having their personal specific put to congregate in which Android users are at finest irritating and at worst outright banned, it is caused a substantial schism among the two platforms.

A number of firms have tried to solve this challenge. Google, for all its cash and electricity, has merely taken to poo-pooing the entire problem publicly and encouraging Apple to undertake RCS. A enterprise termed Beeper provides iMessage to Android by charging users to join an Android machine with a bodily Apple-driven equipment, these types of as a Mac or even an Iphone.

Sunbird, even though, is looking to be the a single accurate application to rule them all. Right now, the company gave Android Authority a rundown of the application (which is even now in alpha) and how it works.

Sunbird: iMessage on Android…maybe?

Through the company’s presentation, it confirmed a pre-recorded screencast of a Samsung telephone communicating with what is presumably an Apple iphone using iMessage. There ended up blue bubbles, Emoji reactions, typing indicators, and many others. For all intents and purposes, it appeared like the Samsung phone was an Iphone.

However, the organization hardly ever showed what the Apple iphone observed. And, because it was a pre-recorded video, we ended up naturally skeptical. The business finished up supplying us early entry to the Sunbird application so we could try it out for ourselves.

The good information is that I was capable to join my Apple ID to Sunbird. I was ready to log in to Apple by way of the Sunbird app and, theoretically, hook up the two. On the other hand, my makes an attempt to then send iMessages failed. My recipients only hardly ever received my messages, irrespective of irrespective of whether it was textual content, a image, or a vCard.

Sunbird tried out to troubleshoot with me but we couldn’t get it doing work. We will report back if we can get it up and operating in the foreseeable future.

How does it work and what will it value?

Sunbird has no ideas to open up-supply its technological know-how for bringing iMessage to Android. As these kinds of, we didn’t listen to a detailed report on how this application performs (or at the very least must function).

Nonetheless, from what the firm did say, it seems like it has taken the Beeper approach — connecting an Android telephone to an Apple-primarily based technique — and taken a couple further techniques. Initial, just about every individual consumer does not require their possess connected hardware. Sunbird has figured out some way to allow 1000’s of consumers to link to a solitary machine. Second, the company has also figured out a way to preserve conclusion-to-end encryption as a result of this technique, which is something organizations like Beeper are unable to supply (at least not nonetheless). The moment once again, Sunbird did not disclose how it does both of these items.

Luckily, if and when it does work and launches to the general public, Sunbird says the application will be free of charge — for a when. Early birds will get entry to iMessage on Android and not have to spend a dime. In the long term, the enterprise could monetize the application by charging for other related providers, such as Telegram, Sign, or other chat apps.

In the meantime, we’ll continue doing work with Sunbird to get the app up and operating on our possess devices.