May 24, 2024


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Shazam Just Got a Big Update on Android

Shazam Just Got a Big Update on Android

Person identifying a song using the Shazam app on an iPhone

The Apple-owned Shazam app is a excellent useful resource for getting to know the new music which is blasting around you. But its Android widget has constantly felt a bit lacking, since it was just a shortcut for the app. Now, it’s substantially extra handy.

Edition 13.7 of the Shazam application on Android now lets you promptly recognize a music enjoying with out needing to open the app, many thanks to a manufacturer new widget. It’s redesigned for Material You in Android 12 and 13 — kudos to Apple for essentially caring about its few Android apps. The widget can search for a track and give you a outcome with out needing you to really open up the application.

Arol Wright / How-To Geek

Presented how the former widget was just a really oversized icon to accessibility the application, possessing something practical at all is by now a enormous upgrade. And this implementation in individual functions surprisingly. With this present now, there is very minimal motive to essentially open up the Shazam app now, as you can just fire up a track research right from your home monitor.

This aspect is are living as of the most current secure model of Shazam, so make guaranteed to update your application each time you get a possibility. The Google application pre-mounted on most devices can also glimpse up audio like Shazam, by stating “OK Google, what music is enjoying?”

Resource: 9to5Google