May 29, 2024


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This iOS 16.1 vs. iOS 16.0.3 battery test might surprise you

There are presently a great deal of motives to update to iOS 16.1, but here’s a different. According to a battery test video, iOS 16.1 need to increase the battery existence of your Iphone. No matter if you have been on the fence about updating due to probable bugs, or you are just far too lazy to start the download, we hope this will convince you to at last update your Apple iphone.

Previously this 7 days, iDeviceHelp on YouTube released a movie in which he examined the battery daily life on the previous four Pro Max designs, initially on iOS 16..3 and then on iOS 16.1. He performed the examination on the Iphone 11 Pro Max, Iphone 12 Professional Max, Apple iphone 13 Pro Max, and Iphone 14 Professional Max. Unsurprisingly, the four phones died in that order on iOS 16..3.

He then current all four phones to iOS 16.1 and ran the identical examination again. Interestingly, with iOS 16.1, the Iphone 13 Professional Max lasted the longest. But that is not the most important takeaway. The Iphone 12 Pro Max, Iphone 13 Professional Max, and Apple iphone 14 Pro Max all gained far more than an hour of battery life on a single charge following iOS 16.1 was put in.

If you want to see the proof, just enjoy the movie below (it is only 3 minutes):

After updating to iOS 16.1, the Apple iphone 12 Professional Max lasted about an hour extended, the Apple iphone 14 Pro Max lasted an hour and a 50 % extended, and the Iphone 13 Professional Max lasted a whopping two and a half several hours longer. It is obvious that iOS 16.1 can make a difference.

Beyond strengthening your phone’s battery daily life, iOS 16.1 also adds a amount of new options, including Live Things to do and iCloud Shared Picture Library. Much more importantly, iOS 16.1 patches a unsafe Siri flaw that allowed hackers to history conversations.

Some Apple iphone customers on iOS 16.1 are dealing with a Wi-Fi bug that is randomly disconnecting them from networks, but don’t enable that cease you from updating.

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