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2022 Cyberdeck Contest: RPG Character Tracker

2022 Cyberdeck Contest: RPG Character Tracker

Whilst it would be a miscalculation to imagine there are any business rules for what constitutes a cyberdeck, we can at minimum determine some frequent features that would seem to be to give us a baseline description. For illustration, most deck builds we’ve observed have been entirely-useful Linux desktops, much more frequently than not driven by some Raspberry Pi variant. But that doesn’t signify there isn’t home in the group for a lot less computational powerful decks, or builds that are so bespoke that they can only execute a handful of selected jobs.

As a great instance, acquire a glimpse at the RPG Character Tracker from [Melissa Matos]. You won’t come across a Raspberry Pi in this article, nor a full running procedure. As a substitute, we have obtained a M5Stack Core2 and an I2C CardKB Mini Keyboard wrapped up in a foldable body created from Erector Established items. Insert in a tiny LED lights for that cyberpunk experience, and the stage is set.

So what does this diminutive build do? Effectively, evidently absolutely nothing proper now. [Melissa] just received the components collectively and has only a short while ago begun aligning all the 1s and 0s to do her bidding. But what it’s supposed to do is obvious adequate: it’s supposed to be an electronic companion to complex RPG tabletop online games to assistance with matters these types of as character generation. Sounds like it will also have a “roll dice” method that will preserve you the hassle of obtaining to crawl under the table when 1 of your D20s goes rogue.

Whilst this kind of a system could be handy for many diverse games, it need to arrive as no surprise to hear that [Melissa] is presently concentrating on the cyberpunk Shadowrun.

Despite the fact that we ended up significantly taken with the on the web device that enable you produce 3D printed organizers for all your tabletop gaming wants, we’d unquestionably somewhat have electronic companions like this which would make these plastic baggies full of areas obsolete.