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How to stop turning on your iPhone flashlight by accident

How to stop turning on your iPhone flashlight by accident


There are two types of Iphone buyers. The ones who unintentionally turn on their flashlight and depart it blaring out of their back pockets — and the folks who question how they hold carrying out that.

Sarah Andrew Wilson claims pockets are partially to blame, specifically the absence of pockets in women’s outfits. With no position to speedily place her Apple iphone absent, the tech entrepreneur is continually grazing her screen with a hand while striving to multitask, hitting the flashlight button in the bottom remaining corner of the display.

“I do sense like individuals are silently judging me. As in, I never know how to use my cell phone. But I’m in tech! I know how to use know-how! I’m an early adopter,” suggests Wilson, who is 47. “So this is clearly a design dilemma on Apple’s aspect.”

Wilson is not on your own. We listened to from dozens of readers about their flashlight woes, and quite a few additional Twitter customers, as younger as 22.

The flashlight button has been on the iPhone’s lock display screen for quite a few yrs. It sits on the reverse side from a virtually identical button that turns on the digital camera and turns the light on with a little bit of light-weight tension. Turning on the flashlight can drain a phone’s battery, flash in someone’s eyes or just be uncomfortable. (To skip to our ideas on how to make it take place a lot less, scroll to the bottom.)

Apple declined to comment on the make any difference.

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To determine out why this was occurring, I requested folks battling with the issue to demonstrate how they pick up and place absent their mobile phone. Men and women who never have flashlight woes ended up very careful not to contact the glass, keeping their smartphone gingerly on the edges like a CD. The Iphone owners who did change on their lights ended up much more likely to keep on to the cellular phone like it was not a huge slab of touch-delicate glass, gripping the front and the again of the system between their fingers.

People of all ages surface to wrestle with this challenge. Tori Daniels, 25, states they have been turning on the flashlight for decades, most just lately when they walked into a pitch-black home and recognized it was illuminated by their again pocket. Daniels says it is a button-placement problem by Apple extra than a person mistake.

“I think it’s a equivalent level to the fly-is-down issue. Not really uncomfortable. Far more like, ‘Oh, shoot. How extensive has that been going on?’ ” Daniels suggests.

Zain Jaffer, 34, is not a lover of strangers telling him his flashlight is on.

“I truly feel most folks say it in a condescending tone. They will go out of their way to say ‘excuse me sir … your flashlight is on’ and then walk away with a smug smile. I imagine it is the equal of driving a auto and anyone honks at you.”

Drew Turner, 40, does not imagine people today are judging him when the light-weight is on, but it nevertheless stings when they say some thing. He retains his cellular phone in his again pocket, flashlight unknowingly pointing out for all to see.

“I guess I imagine it’s a me challenge considering that it does not appear to be to happen to anyone, but I never know what I’m executing otherwise,” Turner claims.

Unintentionally executing factors on cellphones has a loaded heritage relationship back again to butt-dialing. Contacting anyone inadvertently does not take place as a lot since lock screens became common, but now we’re triggering other issues on our smartphones.

Divya Goel, 25, suggests turning on the flashlight is a typical challenge in her close friend team. But the flashlight does not concern her as considerably as the digital camera, which the moment recorded a complete 10-moment discussion from her pocket. “The accidental digital camera detail is a minimal unsettling to me,” she says.

Yet another prevalent accidental Iphone problem is triggering SOS and calling 911, which can come about by urgent and holding the facet button for way too extensive.

But it’s the flashlight that appears to be to be the most prevalent challenge, potentially due to the fact the final result is the easiest to see.

A lot of individuals locate the fickle button so annoying that they’ve occur up with their personal strategies to turn the light-weight off. Some bypass the screen entirely and use Siri to change off the gentle. (Check out, “Hey, Siri, flip off flashlight.”)

Michael Wong, a 29-year-aged VR commence-up founder, toggles the digital camera on to quickly disable the gentle.

“I just swipe a little bit to the appropriate and it turns the flashlight off. It is a great deal much easier to swipe a little bit to the correct than extended-keep the flashlight button,” Wong suggests.

Tips to turn your flashlight on a lot less

Consider these tricks one particular at a time to see if they assistance your challenge. You can also observe my fast online video variation.

Assistance Desk reporter Heather Kelly is listed here to assistance you with that pesky, marginally embarrassing, flashlight difficulty. (Video: Monica Rodman/The Washington Post)

  • Make it more durable to push: Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch → Haptic Contact. Set contact period to “Slow.”
  • Disable Tap To Wake: Go to Configurations → Accessibility → Touch. Toggle off the Tap to Wake setting.
  • Disable Raise to Wake: Go to Options → Exhibit & Brightness. Toggle off the Elevate to Wake placing.
  • Maintain it differently: Grip your cellphone by the sides at all periods, and believe the display is usually on.
  • Get a Folio Apple iphone case: These circumstances contain tricky handles that fold in excess of the display, so there is 1 more stage to obtain it.

Chris Velazco contributed to this report.