May 29, 2024


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Raspberry Pi Grants Remote Access Via PCIe (Sort Of)

Raspberry Pi Grants Remote Access Via PCIe (Sort Of)

[Jeff] observed a Raspberry Pi — properly, the compute module model, anyway — in an odd area: on a PCI Convey card. Why would you plug a Raspberry Pi into a Computer? Very well, you aren’t specifically. The card uses the PCI Specific connector as a way to mount in the laptop or computer and join to the PC’s floor. The Pi exposes its possess community cable and is powered by PoE or a USB C cable. So what does it do? It features distant keyboard, online video, and mouse (KVM) expert services. The trick is you can then get to the Computer remotely even if you require to accessibility, say, the BIOS setup display screen or troubleshoot an OS that won’t boot.

This isn’t a new strategy. In point, we have seen the underlying Pi-KVM software package before, so if you never brain figuring out your mounting choices for a Raspberry Pi, you most likely don’t will need this board. Fantastic factor much too. Judging by the opinions, they are hard to truly buy — maybe, owing to the chip scarcity.

Even though it looks seductive to have a distant solution that does not count on fiddly software package — or even what working procedure you are using — [Jeff] notes that latency is fairly large, so you possibly won’t be satisfied with it for any gaming or movie. But that is not seriously what it is for.

It did make us feel, however. The PCI Specific has 12V and 3.3V power and floor connections. Some motherboards even supply 3.3V when the computer system is off. What else could you mount within the pc with one particular of these factors? Or what else could you do with this Pi card? Networked USB probably?

We’ve viewed a Pi get medical procedures to include a PCI bus, much too. Or, you can opt for the much easier surgical process. Whilst plugging one of these KVM boards into a modified Pi would be pointless, we also think it would be amusing. out?v=cVWF3u-y-Zg