May 24, 2024


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Taco Bell to Bring Back One of Its Most Requested Discontinued Items

Taco Bell to Bring Back One of Its Most Requested Discontinued Items

Mexican Pizza experienced its large comeback. Now a new Taco Bell item is set to return from menu exile. And the quick-meals chain is leaving it to prospects to pick which 1. 

Taco Bell will bring back again one particular of two solutions — the Double Decker Taco or Enchirito — prior to the conclude of 2022. The merchandise will be readily available only for a restricted time, the organization explained Tuesday.

All those wanting to the moment again savor 1 of these creations can cast a day-to-day vote in Taco Bell the application through Oct. 6. (You can expect to require to have a Taco Bell benefits account and be signed in to vote.) The merchandise producing a comeback will be announced on Oct. 7.

The Double Decker Taco and Enchirito are between Taco Bell’s most requested goods that no extended are marketed, in accordance to the restaurant chain. 

The Double Decker Taco consists of an outer layer of a soft flour tortilla distribute with beans. That encapsulates a crunchy taco shell loaded with beef, lettuce and cheddar cheese. Taco Bell discontinued it in 2019.

The Enchirito consists of a beef-, bean- and onion-loaded smooth flour tortilla, which is rolled up, coated in red sauce and topped with cheddar cheese. It left Taco Bell rather a bit before than the Double Decker Taco, in 2013. 

Taco Bell not long ago brought again its Mexican Pizza — a pizza sauce-topped choice that sandwiches beef and beans among two fried flour tortillas — right after removing it in 2020.