May 24, 2024


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Thrills With An LED “Thriller” Jacket

Thrills With An LED “Thriller” Jacket

[Louise Katzovitz] has developed a gentle-up jacket in the design of the jacket worn by Michael Jackson in the 1983 audio video clip for “Thriller”. [Louise Katzovitz]’s Thriller jacket is the best case in point of combining stitching hacks and digital hacks to make an brilliant, wearable jacket.

A bomber jacket was made use of as the foundation type to layer on the sequins and LED strips. Rather of bands of metal studs, [Louise] utilized WS2812B 60 pixels/m LED strips. 3D-printed clear PLA “gems” ended up put on top rated of the LEDs to mimic the sort of the steel studs in the primary jacket and deliver diffusion for the fundamental LEDs.

Inside of the LED thriller jacket, with battery pack, arduino nano and wiring exposed

Every single LED strip was laid out on a piece of vinyl strip. Then, a major layer of vinyl was slice to make it possible for each and every of the LEDs to poke as a result of, with the 3D printed gems super-glued on major. The assembled LED bands are connected to the jacket by Velcro with the wiring fed guiding the lining materials, which can be removed conveniently via little hooks. The whole issue is driven by an Arduino Nano and a 5 V power financial institution.

With the aspects and approach labored out, [Louise] even produced a little model of the jacket for her pet. We have featured LED wearables and fashion ahead of and [Louise]’s jacket is a terrific addition. These assignments are great for anyone who wishes to wow their mates this approaching Halloween time. Video clip following the break!